Cow of the Month: Alberta

Alberta has always been an excellent cow.  However, I was super excited to hear that she is our top producing cow of May!  Once a month we have our milk tested and this gives us a lot of good information.  We learn how many pounds of milk each individual cow is giving and what their somatic cell count is amongst other necessary information.

With that being said, I present you with….ALBERTA!!


She peaked at 151 pounds of milk (per day)! To put this in perspective, we are super happy to see our bulk tank average over 80 pounds, so Alberta is going above and beyond!  151 pounds of milk is equivalent to over 17 gallons of milk!  She also tested at 20,000 somatic. (Somatic cell count is an indicator of the quality of milk. The lower the count, the more quality the milk is. Anything under 100,000 somatic is great!)   She is also super adorable and really sweet.

Here she is chewing her cud and hanging out with her herdmates during morning milking.


See, I told you, ADORABLE. Look at that hair-do!


I also like to think that she is chatting with her buddy in this picture. One of her daughters just joined the milking herd and is definitely following in her mother’s footsteps.  She looks a lot like Alberta and is on her way to being a top producer too.

I love you Alberta!


Okay, I’ll stop bragging about you now.  (She is very humble too).



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