All That Jazz

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Jazzy on a walk

Meet Jasmine the Jersey! (Also referred to as “Jazzy.”) This picture was taken about 8 weeks ago when the grass was still green and corn was still in the field. Dan and I have taken her on a few walks just for fun. I bet you are wondering how we have a Jersey calf on our Holstein dairy farm. I can explain!

This is Jasmine’s mama:


Just hanging out and getting milked

I snapped this picture in the parlor this morning while she was getting milked.  She’s so pretty! Jasmine’s mom was having trouble getting pregnant so my husband decided to breed her to a Jersey bull. He did this because Jersey bulls are more fertile than Holstein bulls.  Sure enough, it worked!  The calf is called a “Ho-Jo” because it is a mix of the two breeds. Jazzy’s mom was actually our top producing cow in the month of October! Jazzy’s mama is 5 years and 9 months old and has given us 4 calves including Jasmine.  She peaked at 126 pounds of milk per day in October. She has given us 84,000 pounds of milk since she has joined the milking herd. To attain a high level of milk production, no hormones, shots or additives are given to the cows. We simply keep them comfortable, healthy and fed a well balanced diet.  They take care of the rest!

And as a result we have a beautiful little Ho-Jo.


Relaxing in her stall

Jazzy grew up way too fast and is already weaned.  Right now she is 2 months old.  When she is 15 months old or 52″ tall, whichever comes first, she will be bred and have a calf by her 2nd birthday and will then enter the milking herd!


2 thoughts on “All That Jazz

  1. I am wondering how you can sleep at night when you have spent the day breaking apart families. It sickens me to think that you impregnate cows who then give birth just for you to steal their babies and their milk. How in the heck is a farming practice that results in the killing and stealing of babies considered ethical? Please respond. My questions are fair..but I would just like some honest answers.

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