An Upset Tummy, Literally.

This morning we had a cow with a stomach ache.  This can be noticed by decreased milk production and cold ears. This directs my husband to listen to her tummy with a stethoscope. He listens to her left rib cage and taps it firmly. He then listens for what sounds like a “ping.”  From doing this, my Dairy Man knows that she most likely has a DA (Displaced Abomasum).  There are four compartments to a cow’s stomach, the abomasum is the last one.

We do not know what exactly causes a DA.  The best preventative method is a well-mixed ration, but this will not prevent every cow from a DA. The easiest method to fix this is to have a visit from the Vet.  A surgery is performed in order to move the displaced abomasum back into it’s correct spot inside the cow.

Here is a pic!


Not the prettiest sight, is it? However, this should fix our cow’s upset stomach.  She will be able to get milked tonight, but her milk will be discarded due to the antibiotics she was given during the surgery. She was given a lot of pain medication around the surgery site and will be fully recovered in about a week.


What a sweetie!

On an unrelated note, this is what I brought my Dairy Man for a mid morning snack:


He had been working since 5 AM and wasn’t going to be home until dinner so I knew he needed it. 🙂



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